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MTI General presentation video

Unique Solution for:

Test, Measurement and Calibration Equipment

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Technical Training

Megger Transformer test Van video

The Megger transformer test van is a state-of-the-art, integrated measurement system for the on-site condition assessment of power transformers.

Trax video

Stat of art product for power test, measurement and diagnostics. Multifunction test system specially for transformers and substations.

IDAX video

insulation diagnostic analyser for Transformers based on Tan Delta and moisture measurement and DFR technology. One of the best sellers units in the world market.

Transformer diagnostics:

Sweep Frequency Response Analysers (FRAX…)

MV & HV circuit breaker testing

Medium and high voltage circuit breaker testing


Smallest 200A micro-ohmmeter

FREJA500 series

Advanced Relay testing system


Three phase relay test and substation test system

MIT series

Insulation testing units


MIT series

Insulation testing units

MIT400 series

MIT series

Insulation testing units


MIT series

Insulation testing units

MIT300 series

DET series

Earth clamp testing

MFT series

Multi-function installation tester


TDR cable fault locator, single channel


TDR cable fault locator, double channel

OTS series

Transformer oil testing